About Us

BLUE Foreign Employment Agency P.L.C  is a foreign recruitment agency in Ethiopia.

It is a well establishing a recruitment company located in Addis Ababa, Arada Sub city, Tesnim Business Center 1st  floor, Office No.F1/07 

Our Mission is to reduce the number unemployment rate of our country by creating suitable work environment and to improve the quality of recruitment, placement, and services to satisfy customer needs.

We have earned a good reputation by providing quality service for being responsive, efficient, courteous and honest with its customers. We treat every of our customers fairly and honestly, holding to standards of professionalism and conduct. Our agency is always committed to doing our best level of service to our customers.

As a long-term cooperation with our overseas associated agent, we always have a same vision and commitment is to improve our quality of recruitment procedures and training programs to deliver competence candidates according to our local customer requirement and government regulation. This is our intention to maximize the level of customers' satisfaction with our domestic helpers. Moreover, we are responsible for keep track of Foreign Domestic Helper welfare and performance during the employment period.

As it is known the number of the unemployment rate is dramatically growing because of migration from countryside to the capital Addis Ababa and abroad. In order to be on life truck, people try the illegal and most dangerous ways to go abroad in order to get a job and sustain their life. But unfortunately such kind of illegal journey costs many of our brothers and sisters life.

By keeping this into consideration our Company planned to work hard and find the Right Employee for the Right Job., where our people get a job abroad in a safe and easy way and also to be the company that best understands and satisfies the needs of our customers plus to create attractive income and safe working environment for our customers.


There is no doubt that a successful Management and a wise leadership are the pillars of the success of any work or objective. In fact these skills converged in one team of professional experts, resulting in the creation of Company .

The Agency was founded in 2011 and became one of the pioneers of recruitment and manpower supply in Ethiopia. Furthermore, the Ethiopian government and competent bodies, show a great deal of appreciation to the company for its success in meeting their customer's needs.

Our main service is recruiting professional workers from different corners of the country ( Ethiopia) in many types of professions Like House Maids, Drivers, Nursing ,Construction Labours etc.